Bedford Property Blog terraced houses in Castle Road, a good deal ?

I was talking to someone who lives in a house in Castle Road . He wants to purchase his first Buy to Let property and has noticed our rental index and previous articles, so was interested in getting to know the industry a little bit more.

As he has lived in Castle Road for many years and he felt comfortable investing in there as he knew it well, we started to discuss the property market in this area. Firstly, we found that 32 terraced houses have sold in Dudley Street  since the year 2008

Property values in Bedford have risen on average by around 16.5% over the last 10 years but most terrace properties on the Castle Road area have beaten that rise.

When we look back to 1999, a two bed terraced property in Dudley Street was bought for £55,000 and sold in 2010 for an impressive £173,500 This illustrates the increase in value over the years. Which could foresee this area being ripe for investment. However one must also consider current pricing in relation to rental valuation to understand the potential return on investment, Rents are on the rise in this area but so are prices. Therefore one must be cautious. Want to know more then call in and see us we can discuss your options.