Bedford property Blog : How can you find a good property deal in Bedford ?

I was talking to one of my landlords the other day, when he

explained he felt there were no property bargains for him to buy in
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Here is what I discovered recently about finding bargains over the last few months.
A 3 bed on the Langlands Road estate sold in 2007 for £229,995.

In May 2015, she sold again for £205,000 a drop in value of 10.87%! 

A two bedroom flat in Bury Court, sold for £89,000 in May 2015. 

It sold in May 2007 for £100,000 these are excellent value properties.
Finally, one of those nice detached houses, on the Tyne Crescent 
,Woodlands park development sold for £247,000 in 2007. Some
lucky person picked up a bargain in June 2015, when it sold again
for £231,000.
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