4 clues you’re ready to sell your home

1. Itchy feet

Have little things about your home that you once loved been getting on your nerves recently? So much so that you’re starting to get more frustrated about your property?  Is the lack of space causing you and your family to feel claustrophobic, or do you have rooms that have been untouched for years? 

Once you start to fall out of love with your home, it’s time to either give it a big make over or move.  If you spend your evenings looking at property websites to see what houses are available locally, we think it’s safe to say you have itchy feet and are wanting a change of scenery.

2. You’re prepared

Deciding you want to move and being ready are two different things.  Just like when you bought your current home, you need to ensure that your finances are in a good position.  Keep an eye on your accounts and make sure there are no late or failed payments that could hinder your chances of getting a mortgage.

Speaking of mortgages, before you plan your move you’ll probably want to find out what kind of properties you could afford, so it’s worth getting an idea before you make any big decisions.  Give us a ring today on 01256 811220 and we’ll put you in touch with someone, who won’t charge you a penny for advice.

3.  Looking good 

How your home is presented can have a big effect on not only its value but also how it appeals to potential buyers.  Known as ‘home-staging’, you should be transforming your home into one that buyers will not only fall for, but can also see themselves living in. 

From de-cluttering every space and giving things a deep clean and a good tidy, to de-personalisation and adding those thoughtful finishing touches.  There is an art to staging a home – get it right and you’ll find viewings are frequent and offers quickly roll in.

4.  The value

 One of the factors that will tell you if a move is right for you at the moment will be the value of your property in the current market.  It’s always good to do your own research to get a sense of what similar properties are selling for locally. At Belvoir, we will always provide you with a realistic valuation, one that entices buyers to view.  We can then negotiate the highest possible price for you.

Have you seen the clues?

If your itchy feet have been telling you it’s time to sell your home, make sure you get yourself prepared so you’re in the best position.  Have you spent time getting your home presented ready for buyers to want to make it theirs?  Then you know the time is right to call for an expert opinion on your home’s value.

Belvoir is the agent to get you moving.  Call us today on 01256 811220 for a no-obligation chat or to arrange for a valuation.