Are you ready for the sales process?

When selling your home you put all your energy into finding a buyer. There’s preparing your home for sale, choosing the right estate agent, the viewings and, finally, considering offers. Once an offer has been accepted it’s tempting to breathe a sigh of relief but in many ways the journey has only just begun, as now you’re entering into the sales process. This is a volatile stage where the slightest wobble can cause sales to break down and emotions to rise. Are you ready for it?

Keeping you moving

How we market your property and keep the sales process moving is what distinguishes us from our competition. As soon as the offer has been accepted we step into action, as now the challenging part has started.  

Did you know that this time last year 38.8% of house sales fell through? We don’t want you to be part of that statistic this year.

Our role now is to stay on top of your sale, and keep up to date with the progress of everyone in your chain, resolving issues swiftly and ensuring everyone is informed.  By keeping a tight rein on your sale we can minimise any potential doubts that could arise due to delays and issues.


The detail is in the paperwork

It’s easy to take a back seat once you’ve accepted an offer, as you’re now at the mercy of the team you have contracted.  But you still have a major part to play in keeping everything on track. The speed at which your sale progresses is, to some degree, in your hands.

Have you got all of the necessary documentation ready at hand to send off when requested, or will you have a panicked few days trying to find your passport and deeds?  When you receive a document to sign, return it quickly. The last thing you want or need is your delays to start raising concerns in the minds of your buyers.


Who will you use?

We know you’ve taken time to think hard about who would be the best estate agent to sell your home, hopefully it was us. You must take the same care when it comes to the rest of the team around you. Just as no two estate agents are the same, the same can be said for mortgage brokers and solicitors.

Listen to recommendations but also undertake your own research – their actions can cost or save you money, as they can make or break a sale. A strong team will also give you peace of mind and make your experience one that you will be grateful for, for years to come.


Are you ready for the sales process?

No one teaches you how to move home, yet you’re suddenly expected to understand this stressful and jargon-heavy process. At Belvoir we strip away the lingo to explain things in your language. This is your move and understanding what’s to come will make it less overwhelming. Moving home doesn’t have to be one of the most stressful things you do in life, especially with us by your side.


Call us today on 01256 811220 and we’ll happily explain all you need to know.