A little help from the experts...

It doesn’t matter what size your portfolio is, whether you have one property or over 100…the support and experience of an industry expert can be a crucial part of the process. A good agent will ensure all of the key elements of a successful tenancy are carried out. And a key to a good agent is the ongoing support and advice that is on offer throughout the process of them letting your property out.

Most landlords want to ensure that their profit is maximised, whilst risks are kept to a minimum, a good letting agent can give you all of the advice and services that you need to ensure your portfolio is looked after in these three ways…


Of course, one of the main jobs for a letting agent is finding the right tenants for your property, as well as the general day-to-day running of the tenancy. When it comes to tenancy, agents are able to take full control of this process for a landlord – this includes tenant find, credit checks and referencing as well as taking the deposit, which will then be lodged in an external deposit protection scheme (such as the DPS). Along with this, your agent can also compile inventories for the property and carry out viewings, too.

With full management, the whole process from the beginning of finding a tenant to the end which could be the end of tenancy or serving an eviction notice can be carried out by your letting agent, which is why it is so important to find the right agent.


There’s a huge amount of regulation that needs to be adhered to when letting a property, many private landlords are unable to keep up with the changing legalities and regulations which can lead to some serious issues for tenants. One of the most crucial services a full-management agent can offer is extensive legal knowledge. Belvoir agents, for example, are not only heavily regulated by the brand internally, but also have regular updates from the Central Office every time a new piece of regulation occurs.

Belvoir’s Managing Director, Dorian Gonsalves said ‘A good quality letting agent can provide access to a redress service via one of the three ombudsman schemes to ensure that tenants are not at the mercy of landlords who wish to exploit tenants. A good agent will practice fairness, consistency and compliance with the law, helping to ensure that landlords are kept up-to-date with the many changes in legislation surrounding the rental market.’

On the lookout

Many landlords are often looking to expand their portfolio, a good agent can help make this achievable through making good property investment opportunities. Your agent knows the very best locations to own an investment property, they know where is up and coming and will be able to give you the very best advice on where offers the best potential for your rental property.

So long as you choose the right agent, their local knowledge will mean as a landlord, you will receive the best possible advice to make the best decisions. Many Belvoir offices can also recommend other industry professionals, mortgage consultants and solicitors to help the process run as problem-free as possible.

Why not contact your local Belvoir office today to find out how their expert advice can ensure your property portfolio is being kept in perfect running order. As the UK’s largest property franchise group, there’s never been a better time to be with Belvoir!