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Winter is coming to Sheffield, make sure your property is ready for winter

A few tips to help you get ready for winter 2014...

With the change in weather across the Sheffield region over the last few days it is a short reminder that winter is on its way, and you should be ensuring that your property and your tenanted properties in Sheffield are ready for winter so that you and your tenants will be warm and cosy.


A few tips to help you get ready for winter 2014...

Review your home insurance: you need to ensure that your home insurance covers you for damage caused by harsh winter weather. This needs to be adequate for your entire property portfolio. If in doubt, ask us here at Belvoir! Sheffield for advice regarding your landlord insurance. 

Hat and mittens for the pipes: a common winter issue is burst pipes caused by rapid freezing and thawing. Make sure the vital pipes have good quality lagging.

Service the boiler: ignoring maintenance on your boiler wastes energy and costs you and your tenants more. Get your boiler serviced or even consider replacing it with a new, highly efficient model.

Insulation: having modern loft and wall cavity insulation will help keep the house warm while costing less to heat. This is a simple and low-cost solution and in some cases you may be eligible for government grants and schemes.

Check the radiators: are your radiators colder at the top than they are at the bottom? If it’s a yes then they have air trapped inside them and it’s stopping the heat from circulating properly. Bleeding the radiators releases the air, allowing the radiator to run as it should.

Shop around for energy: check out the various price comparison sites. If you’re planning on switching call you current provider to see if they’ll price match or even better the deal to save you the hassle of switching.

Guttering: a dam of leaves in your guttering will hold water which will start backing up in the guttering and leak into the roof and down the walls of the house. Make sure your gutters are clear – it’s an easy and very cheap job and could save you money in the long run.

Draught-free zone: chilly winter winds always manage to find the nooks and crannies don’t they? Don’t give them chance to get in by checking your doors and windows for gaps – draught stripping is cheap and easy to install.

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