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Winter Is Approaching, Are You Prepared?

The winter months always prove a challenging time of year with boiler breakdowns, burst and froze...

The winter months always prove a challenging time of year with boiler breakdowns, burst and frozen pipes and a huge increase in reports of condensation and mould within properties.

Tenants are always given advice on how to prevent the above issues, so as a landlord, what can you do?

First and foremost, ensure you have the correct buildings insurance policy which covers you in the event the property becomes uninhabitable. If the property becomes uninhabitable from a burst pipe or other mishap then the tenant will need to find alternative accommodation, the cost of which you could find yourself liable for. A normal residential policy may not cover the landlord for the cost of alternative accommodation or loss of rent so take the time to investigate your current policy and adapt it if necessary. Though the chances of this happening are slim its worthwhile ensuring you have a policy suitable for renting your property out.

If your property is vacant, ensure you leave the heating on a low temperature, ensure all pipes are sufficiently insulated and isolate any external pipes prone to freezing. If you property is due to be empty for longer than 30 days you must make your insurer aware, as most have exclusions after this period.

Lastly, ensure your property has sufficient ventilation within the kitchen and bathrooms, remind your tenants to open windows to allow regular airflow and keep a keen eye on the property to pre-empt any build up of condensation.

If you would like any advice with regards to the above please do not hesitate to contact us.

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