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Will "Oor Wullie" Ever Fly the Nest and Get a Bucket of His Own?

Will "Oor Wullie" Ever Fly the Nest and Get a Bucket of His Own?

Frankly this "young" man and his family (Ma & Pa) need to get a grip, this laddie should have flown the nest long ago. 

At best estimates he is now at least 80 years old, is still living at home, not to mention attending the local school (occasionally), is unemployed and has occasional legal issues.

I know there are ongoing difficulties in the bucket market in Auchenshoogle particularly for “young” first time buyers.  But lets face it with no income and pets “Jeemy & Harry” renting is not a realistic option.

He has recently been seen all over Dundee in various poses sitting on his presumably borrowed bucket but this is not going to solve his fundamental issues. http://www.oorwulliebuckettrail.com/ though it may help some local charities.

Wullie, please listen, take the plunge, and now is the time before the cost of buckets sky rocket as a result of Brexit or a possible second referendum.

 You can get a new 13 Litre, plastic bucket from B&Q for only a £1, this is a great starter bucket with lots of potential for expansion and future development. 

However I suspect you are a traditionalist and really want a bucket in the country, preferably within easy commuting distance of the “toon” and made of zinc.  Well for £3.99 you can get a galvanised, zinc bucket for £3.99, long lasting and multi-functional. Lots of extra room for when the family or friends visit or maybe even if you have “wains” of your own one day, let’s face it had better be soon, you’re not in the Rolling Stones and “Dorris & Primrose” are not going to let you play the field forever. 

For me zinc is the way to go and prices of zinc buckets can only go up, there is a world shortage in zinc production (see article at http://www.mining.com/web/looming-zinc-supply-shortage-good-news-for-producers-and-explorers-stefan-ioannou/) and this can only have a positive impact on the capital appreciation of your future bucket.

Its time to “man up”, stop pretending your a “bairn” and make an honest women out of one (or possibly both) of them.  Raid the bank of “Ma & Pa” and invest in a bucket with a view before its too late and you become one of the “failure to launch” generation.

Appologies to our non scottish readers, translations available online etc.


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