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What is the condition of the Sheffield lettings market in late 2013?

What is the condition of the Sheffield lettings market in late 2013? Sheffield letting market ...

What is the condition of the Sheffield lettings market in late 2013?

Sheffield letting market is still very very strong . We have now been renting property in Sheffield since May 2006. We’ve had another bumper year, we continue to increase both our managed properties but also the ones we work with the landlord on a let only basis. And that’s in a market where really there’s not a great deal of building activity going on, but we continue to grow market share. And it’s been another great year.

What kind of properties do you manage?

We do everything, we do student properties; from HMOs down to the traditional 2 bed terrace houses, city centre flats, family homes. And we cover an area, for sales and lettings now, from sort of Penistone almost down the M1 back in at Dronfield and out into the hills, so it’s a sizeable area. And we’ll pretty much rent anything as long as the quality is good; we don’t take on board poor quality properties.

How do you think the Sheffield lettings market will develop in 2014?

I expect much of the same; I think we’ll continue to grow. It would be nice to see some new city centre flats; I mean we are swamped with enquiry for flats in the city centre for tenants. We’ve got a long waiting list; they tend to be on the market a matter of days. So if there are any developers out there looking to build, have confidence we’d be able to rent them out pretty quickly for you! So, I expect the market to continue to grow.

Why should property landlords consider using Belvoir! Sheffield?

I think some key reasons; we’ve got a core staff here of 10 people which is pretty sizeable for Sheffield. I think we’ve proven with the awards we’ve won that we know what we’re doing. We rent property very quickly, we get good quality tenants, we credit check them properly, we have a very low rate of people who don’t pay the rent on time. So overall I think landlords can be confident that the job is going to be done properly.

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