Comparing Out-of-Town to Central Town

When it comes to investing in and around Congleton it's worth doing some research as to the best ...

When it comes to investing in and around Congleton it's worth doing some research as to the best areas to consider and what the likely returns will be.

 If we take the suburban area of West Heath and compare it to the more central residential areas we can start to make an informed decision on where is best to invest given a set budget.

If we look at both the geography and demography of both areas this will give us more of an indication as to why people will choose these two different locations, remember location is key when it comes to rental property.  

West Heath lies to the west of Congleton and considts of residential housing, farmland and woodland areas.  There is a light industrial park located off Back Lane and three schools - Black Firs Primary, Quinta Primary and Congleton High School.

The area is seen to be one of the more affluent areas of Congleton with a strong middle class and skilled working class demographic.  The residential housing is of a very good standard and the area offers good commuting links to Manchester, Liverpool and Stoke-on-Trent.  The calibre of tenants you would attract to the area would be of the professional nature.

Residential housing towards the town centre is typically much older, terraced property which generally come with more maintenance issues.  Houses tend to attract tenants on lower incomes and those in receipt of benefit payments.

In terms of yields there is more scope to achieving a better yield in the older terraced properties if they are presented to a high specification to attract a premium on the rent.  The better presented the property the better standard of tenant you will attract

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