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Welcome to Rumbles Blog!

Welcome to Rumbles Blog!

I'm Rumble, a British Bull dog living here in Sheffield.

I'm a typical British Bull Dog, I have an opinion on most things, and an opinion that I like to share and get off my chest too.

I've also got a way of sniffing out whats really going on, particularly in and around Sheffield. Well what do you expect, its my city and I like to know whats going on!

And now I've got my own blog! 

This year I'm going to let you know my thoughts on whats going on and whats happening in Sheffield.  What it is really like to live in the different parts of Sheffield too, from Crookes to Hillsborough, from Sheffield City Centre to Woodseats …even if you live here, I'll tell you things you won't know, trust me (I'm a Bulldog).

Don't be fooled either, I know much more about all the different parts of Sheffield than just about the lampposts and the trees. I sniff out what it is really like to actually live in and to spend time in Sheffield. It's a green city built around seven hills, and thats what I love, lots of space to run around and play, yet its only a short trot into town where a dog can carry out his serious work.

Don't be fooled by my Bulldog face either, I'm a Bulldog with knowledge too ...lots of property knowledge. With an ability to find my way to the comfiest part of any home, I'll be sharing with you my knowledge on how to really make your house a home, and when it comes to moving up or finding a new place to settle down, I'll let know exactly whats out there and how you should go about it. 

As you'll find out I know my stuff, I'm a Bulldog. So subscribe and make sure you join Belvoir! Sheffield on Facebook or Twitter so you don't miss my weekly updates. 

Keep a nose out too, as next week I'll be telling you how to best go about adding value to your home. You won't want to miss it.

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