Viewing a property? Look out for these 4 things!

It’s always exciting when hunting for a house, especially when the viewings start. We know it can also be a bit stressful, too so it’s important to have a clear head and go into property viewings with a completely open mind. We’ve put together 4 things you should watch out for when viewing a property.

1. It is important to not put all of your focus on the interior of the property but to also be aware of the exterior. Cracks or gaps in walls could be bad news, this will all be picked up in the survey but it is still important to have a good idea of the overall condition of the property, that way gauging if it is a project house or one you can move straight into.

2. It’s easy to fall deeply in love with a house on the first viewing, if you can picture your family growing up there it suddenly can become a lot more emotive. Try not to fall in love with it too quickly, there could be issues that your doughy eyes overlook, the best thing is to have a realistic view of the property, be honest with yourself.

3. You should check every nook when you’re viewing a property, if there are any musty smells, it could mean there is some damp hiding around the property, have a good look at the walls for any patches and if you smell damp, openly ask the agent if there is any known damp in the property.

4. When you buy a property, you buy the fixtures and fittings with it, this includes light switches, taps and showers. If there is a major electrical fault, it could be costly, there is no harm in testing lights as you walk around the property, and also run a couple of taps, it’s good to make sure you’re not in a low-pressure area for water and that the taps all run well.

Your agent will be able to give you the best advice when viewing a property, if you need advice on what to look for, ask one of our local property experts, you can locate your nearest here.