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Video: Furnished or Unfurnished, Which is Best for the Uxbridge Property Market?

Furnished or Unfurnished - Which should I go with in the Uxbridge property market?

Furnished or Unfurnished - Which should I go with in the Uxbridge property market?

Broadly with Student Let won't have furniture so will need it.  In Studio and one Beds I find they are often younger tenants with less possessions of their own so appreciate the furniture.  

In larger property you will need to be more flexible - often there are two different markets be that families or overseas visitors working for a set period of time in the UK.  If people come from overseas they will want furniture and people renting large property as a family are less likely to want this. So be flexible here and try to respond if you can to your tenants needs.

Don't pay for storage however - unless it's a family heirloom of yours, but then why not keep it at home.

 Why furnish at all?  Landlords typically let furnished property for around 7% more than unfurnished.

Furniture and Furnishings ((Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989 and 1993 and 2010). What is this all about? - I go over this in the video.

White Goods such as washing machines and fridge freezers, there is an expectation that they will be there. But if you don't have them don't buy in new until you find a tenant.  I explain why in the video.

Curtains and Blinds - again in our market there is an expectation they will be present in our market.

If you ever want to talk this over please fee free to contact me.


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