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Video: EPC's. Why we have to care about them in lettings! Sorry

In this video I talk about EPC's. Energy Performance Certificates. What has changed recently in the law from the 1st of April and the major changes that take effect from 1st April 2018. EPC's have been a requirement for letting property since

In this video I talk about EPC's.  Energy Performance Certificates.  What has changed recently in the law from the 1st of April and the major changes that take effect from 1st April 2018.  EPC's have been a requirement for letting property since 1st October 2008.

Aside from April Fools, the 1st of April is significant in lettings because it seems to be the time for changes in Energy Efficiency rules and EPC’s. 

Last 1st of April the change for this year was that tenants can ask their landlords for permission to carry out improvements to property that make their home more energy efficient. Now that’s not the same as asking the landlord to pay for it. It’s up to the tenant to put the funding in place, so perhaps the impact of this measure may be limited. Tenants can certainly ask the landlord to contribute but that’s outside the remit of this.

The landlords should not unreasonably refuse consent for the work to be done. That’s consent for the work to go ahead or access say in the case of a block of flats.

The Demise of Green Deal

This change really make more sense when the Green Deal funding was still in place. The tenant would apply for a change. It would be funded by increases in the utilities bills against the savings made by the more efficient system and everyone’s a winner. Now Green Deals gone it’s down to other schemes as provided by utility companies as part of their energy efficiency obligations or onto the tenants to provide.

The big change in 2018...

But now less than two years away is the governments major measure to improve Energy Efficiency in let property. From October last year you should give EPC’s to tenants and have proof of having done so to serve a S21 notice. But from 2018 you can’t start a new tenants after this date in a single let property if the EPC rating is an F or a G.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are exceptions to this around some HMO’s, changes to listed property and making changes that are listed as recommendations. If you do what is recommended on the EPC and that does not bring you to an E rating than the property would still be okay to let.
Often the quick wins can have a major effect; such as hot water tank jackets,room thermostats, loft insulation or replacing an old boiler.

That means some landlords are going to have to do some work to make improvements. Good time to be a Gas Safe Plumber

Your can find your properties EPC rating here using the Postcode.  If your property is let your agent should also have a copy of it if that makes it easier for you.  

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