Top Tips For Upgrading Your Bedroom On A Budget

You can spend a huge amount of time in your bedroom, however it can often be the room we forget most when it comes to décor. Wanting to spend some time on creating that fresh look? We have put together a few simple tips for refreshing your space, ones that don’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money- happy days!

Create an inviting bed

There is nothing better than a soft cosy bed to get into after a long day. You can never have enough cushions, fill your bed with them! You can get them in lots of shapes and sizes and in an array of colours and patterns, I guarantee you will find the right selection for you. Also a warm cushy blanket, these are great to throw on the bed and are cosy to get under on those chilly nights. In the morning take some time to fluff up your pillows and make your bed, your bed is often the centre piece to a bedroom so when it is put together, the whole room is put together- it’s all about those little touches.

Put up a mirror/wall art

Add a mirror to one of you walls, this will instantly make your room appear spacious and gives it a custom feel. Most of us will probably have some pictures or art lying around the house, pick out the nice ones and put them to good use. You can often pick up some nice vintage frames from charity shops, or simply use washi tape, binder clips or hangers to get them on display.

Put down a rug or two

A chunky wool rug or a sheepskin either side of the bed simply gives your feet a soft warm landing when you get out of bed in morning. It also grounds your space and can make a plain floor visually more appealing.

Just add flowers

Flowers are the perfect way to add colour, life and sent to your bedside. A basic bouquet from your local supermarket or even a stem or two handpicked from your garden or a beautiful field would look great. If you room carries a lot of light, then why not even have a plant! Botanicals are a huge trend this season, and adding some greenery is a great way to make your space look and feel fresh.

Add a scent

There are so many ways to make your room smell glorious- room sprays, candles, wax burners, air fresheners… the list could go on. Adding a scent instantly makes your room more appealing and generally creates a calming and soothed atmosphere.

Organisation is key

For some of us keeping our rooms tidy can become a real task, however untidiness definitely isn’t a fresh look. Make sure you are putting clothes away, placing things back into drawers and picking items up off the floor. Storage boxes are a great way to stay organised and also helps keep clutter hidden!

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Sources; Plant photograph by Chris Lee | Bedroom photograph by Logan Nolin