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Top 5: Why You Should Know your Neighbours

Being a good neighbour is an important part of living in a community and owning a home. There are...

Being a good neighbour is an important part of living in a community and owning a home. There are many benefits to getting to know your next-door neighbour. It can be easy to shut yourself away, and not interact with your fellow home-owner. Getting to know your neighbours- whether literally next door, or more generally; has many mental, emotional, physical and security benefits.

Secure and Safe

We’ve all heard of neighbourhood watch, but if you become friends with your neighbours, they are sure to keep an eye on everything while you are out. Dependant on how close you become with them, you could even rely on them to be the spare key holder and they could even pop up to feed the cat or water the plants when your away.

Source of Information

Whether you have nosey Nora living next door or Shy Sheila, you are most likely to be in the know with all the latest gossip. From finding out when the next local event is on, to what time everyone is going to the local pub on Friday.  Seriously, they will let you know whether there’s been an outbreak of local car break-ins or what the troublesome teenagers have been up to. But more importantly you will be in on the juicy desperate housewives Goss.

A Friend in Need – Support and Help

You never know; you may find that your new neighbours will be friends for life. Their kids and yours may be the best of play mates and have the start of a long-lasting friendship. A cold beer in the garden together could turn into a combined family holiday and years of laughter.

Saying this, you don’t have to be the best of companions, but a simple offer of help and support can help. Offer to share your home-grown vegetables, or mow the stretch of grass over both your drives. A little can go a long way. The gift may be returned.

Social Circle

By becoming close with your next-door neighbours, you are sure to be involved in the social circle. Whether this be the odd meal out, or an invitation to a local’s birthday or event; it can’t harm to expand your social circle. Especially if you are new to area, accepting an invitation, could be the start of your settling in the area, and making many good friends.

The Extra Touches

There are a few extra perks if you end up chummy with the neighbours. There’s no need to run to the shop when sugar is needed- if they are true neighbours, a spoonful of sugar is easily gifted. This could be the gateway to a new baby-sitter, and maybe getting rid of the partner for a few hours. This way you could maybe get a couple of hours of peace, a bubble bath and even a glass of bubbly.

If you are looking for a new neighbourly setting, why not find out where the nearest office to you is. By getting in touch and talking to your local Belvoir Expert, you could soon be in your dream neighbourhood, but don’t forget to say hello to your new neighbours!


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