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Tips on selling when your neighbour is too!

We are in a buoyant market - for now, so what happens if your neighbour puts their house up for s...

We are in a buoyant market – for now, so what happens if your neighbour puts their house up for sale at the same time you do? 

In Ipswich there are several roads where moving in and out is pretty normal – Bramford Road, Nacton Road, Sheldrake Drive. When you have 5 x 3 bedroom houses in the same road – competing with yours….how do you win?

Tips on how to sell your home in a crowded market…

When there are multiple "for sale" signs on the same road, owners are often wary of not being able to sell their own home. Sellers may also worry that potential buyers will conclude that something must be wrong with the neighbourhood if everyone wants to leave. 

However, as Ashley Evans, our Sales Manager explained, this can be a positive rather than a negative.

"One major plus is that for viewers it's easier to visit a street that has several homes for sale than to make a trip to just one property," he says.

When more buyers visit your street, there's a better chance they'll see your home. That may boost your odds of getting a good offer.

Here are some tips from Ashley on how to keep up with the Jone’s!

1. 'Sell' your entire neighbourhood

Promote your road! It may be a concern to viewers – so address that in the property listing. Detail the positives of the area alongside the details of the property. This can go the extra mile and include relevant information about local events.

‘Give the viewers, or ask your agent to explain to them, the reason you are moving’ Ashley says. ‘ If you give the impression you are moving away happily, then this can really help the impact for viewers’.

2. Give easy access to your home

When several of your neighbours are selling, too, it's best to be prepared to show the home quickly.

‘Often when we call owners and ask for an appointment, the vendor puts off the viewing by a day or so’ says Ashley ‘this can be the difference between selling YOUR home, and your neighbour up the road who accepted the viewing selling THEIR home instead’.

3. Have a ‘For Sale’ Board

Viewers may have overlooked your house while searching online listings. When they visit your neighbourhood to see another house on the market, they might spot the "for sale" sign in your garden and look into it.

4. Stage your home

Ashley has discussed this several times before, because it is just so important.

De-Clutter – pop all your personal knick knacks in a box and put them in a cupboard. Cut your grass regularly. Clean the bathroom! Even a plain blanket over an older looking sofa can help.

At BELVOIR! our teams are always striving to provide a better service – with a smile. Call our team on 01473 212323 or email Ashley.evans@belvoir.co.uk for further tips or to book him to visit your home to discuss how we can help sell your home quickly.

 Belvoir are an exceptional Estate Agent in Ipswich

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