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Tips for Finding the Perfect Home in the New Year

Moving house or buying your first home can be incredibly stressful but also very exciting. Here a...

Moving house or buying your first home can be incredibly stressful but also very exciting. Here at Belvoir Birmingham, we’re here to help take the stress away with our top tips for finding the perfect home in 2017.

1. Don’t Break the Bank

One of the most important considerations when buying a new home is, of course, budget. It’s essential to set a realistic budget and stick to it. Remember to factor in the true cost of buying a home, including moving costs, property tax and estate agent fees.

2. The Way You Live

Before you begin your property search, think about how you live now and how you want to live in the future in order to set your search criteria. If your family is growing, think about the space you may need in the future. If you work from home, then an office space may be important and if you have relatives staying with you on a regular basis, it may be that you need a second en-suite.

3. Location, Location

Location is key to your property search. When you view a property, make sure you drive around the surrounding area to ensure it has everything you need. If you have children then it’s vitally important to consider schools in the area, both for now and as they grow older.

4. Do Your Research

When looking for a new property, it’s beneficial to do some research into the surrounding streets and area. Visit both the property and the area at different times of day, in the evening, during the week and at the weekend. It’s even worth speaking to the neighbours to find out what they think of the street and the area.

5. Consider the Compromise

Unless your budget is limitless, it’s inevitable that you will have to make a compromise when buying a house and this is usually between location and space. Hopefully with these tips you will have already given this careful consideration and it will be an easier decision to make.

To help us help you find your dream home in 2017, please get in touch today.

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