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Thinking of selling your property in Sheffield yourself? No don't do it!

Do you really want to sell your own home without the help of a local property expert!

Welcome to my blog, Rumbles Blog. The blog of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you will ever meet! 

There has always been a few house selling mavericks who have attempted to sell their own home without the help of an Estate Agent, and now there is the additional option of various online agents or single fee 'advertising' Estate Agents that offer different models to the traditional full Estate Agency model.

Now Estate Agents have always been vilified as profession, but is it justified? Are they all bad? Do you really want to sell your own home without the help of a local property expert!

Well the answer is no, they are not all bad, don't let the reputation of the very few cloud your vision of what a good Estate Agent actually does throughout the house selling process. Well actually, a good estate agent is very much like me - they are very nice most of the time but they have the ability to play nasty when required. Most importantly they have the ability to play nasty on your behalf! 

Think about it, would you really like to be the salesman to what could be a long line of potential buyers, prying around your home? I certainly wouldn't, they wouldn't even understand me.  Do you fancy getting knee deep in the nitty gritty of haggling over the price with a succession of bidders? Could you keep a chain of buyers and sellers intact and on track for a successful sale?  

Remember that the process of selling your home is often months of anguish for which you really do benefit from the help and guidance of somebody that knows what they are doing and can help to take a great deal of the burden. The idea of selling your home and moving on is often fun and smiles at the start, full of excitement and joy, in the middle of the process though this can become somewhat strained and enjoyment through tightly gritted teeth with tears and almost explosions of sheer rage…followed by sheer joy again at the end. 

Now think back to the last time you sold and moved. The hold up in the chain was it down to the Estate Agent? Remember that a traditional Estate Agent typically earns 1-2% of your house sale, hence they are in it with you, they want a quick and easy sell for the best price they can get you. They will work diligently for you and drive the sale, not linger and delay. And it is their local property knowledge that often helps them to drive the sale process, something not for the faint hearted or inexperienced.

So selling your home yourself is not an easy option, but what about this new section of the property market that has appeared due to the growth of the ever popular internet. The new type of online listing based Estate Agent that offer to sell your property for hundreds of pounds rather than thousands. Really they are selling advertising space thats it, its not the same as the traditional Estate Agency model which if done correctly with the right agent sees you partnering with an agent to help you sell and complete the process. Very different.

However this has affected some traditional off line Estate Agents as they try to compete against the upsurge in recent years of online agents by offering low 'advertise only' options. However, I think this is only short lived as most people can see what is involved in selling your home, and if they have ever tried to do it, they certainly will not try it again. So, if you are looking to sell, your house in Sheffield get in contact with a reputable Sheffield Estate Agent such as Belvoir! Sheffield who will demonstrate the huge benefits of using a traditional Estate Agency service and put your mind at rest throughout the entire process.

Don't forget to make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter as I've got lots more Sheffield property help and advise coming out of my paws over the coming weeks, as well as guidance on what to do and what to get up to in Sheffield, a great place to live!

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