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The Reluctant Gardener

What to look for in a Buy To Let property....

One piece of advice I always offer potential Buy To Let investors is this: identify the type of tenant you would like to see in your property,  think about their needs and requirements and then purchase accordingly.  For example, if you are looking for a family then make sure your property is close to or accessible to local schools, and they would probably also like a garden. However, this does not apply to all tenants ……….A gentleman tenant in one of our managed properties follows my articles with interest. We regularly discuss the properties currently on the market, and he suggested I emphasize to potential landlords when they are looking for a Buy to Let property that ‘could they please ensure that the garden is low maintenance’, as gardening really isn’t his favourite pastime! It is always a good idea to identify your target market and assess their needs. However whenever there is a potential problem there is usually a solution – and if there is a large garden you could consider offering garden services within the rent? In the case of Buy to let landlords your customer is your tenant and we talk to them all the time and know exactly what they want!

We don’t sell property but we can help you to find the best investment property, so if you would like some free advice please call in to our office for a chat at 47 High St Evesham.


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