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Tenants: Understanding Your Responsibilities

Signing a tenancy agreement entitles you to a series of rights, but also requires you to fulfi...


Signing a tenancy agreement entitles you to a series of rights, but also requires you to fulfil certain responsibilities.

At Belvoir, we believe that all our tenants should be fully aware of both their rights and their responsibilities. Previously, we explained the legal rights you have as a tenant. Here, we will continue to inform you of what your tenancy involves by fully explaining the responsibilities you agree to when you sign your agreement.

Financial Responsibilities

When you agree to let a property, you are agreeing to fulfil a set of financial responsibilities. It is of vital importance that you understand these responsibilities and ensure that you fulfil them as often as required.

The two most important financial responsibilities you agree to when signing your tenancy agreement are:

  • Paying your rent on time as agreed with your landlord and letting agency – you will typically have to pay one month’s rent in advance when you rent a property, and then on a monthly basis.
  • Paying all other bills – these will normally include utilities, council tax, TV licence, telephone and broadband charges

Social and Upkeep Responsibilities

When you move into the property, you also agree to certain social responsibilities, as well as ensuring that the property is kept in the same condition as it was when you moved in.

These responsibilities include:

Respecting your neighbours – this includes keeping noise to a minimum, making sure that your garden and external areas are kept in a reasonable condition and keeping common use areas clear. Upkeep – generally taking care of the property and its contents, as well as informing the landlord and letting agency if the property requires repairs.

Legal Responsibilities

Most importantly, by signing your rental agreement you must also ensure that you fulfil certain legal responsibilities for the duration of your tenancy.

Typically, you must:

  • Make your letting agent or landlord aware if you will be vacant from the property for more than 14 days.
  • Keep your property secure – this includes locking all doors and windows at night and when there is no one in the property.

Unless otherwise informed, you must not:


  • Alter the property in any way – this includes hanging anything on the wall, painting and decorating.
  • Use the property for business purposes.
  • Sub-let the property.

We hope this helped you to fully understand the responsibilities you agree to when signing a tenancy agreement. If you are interested in leasing a property and require the assistance of a letting agent in Sutton Coldfield, Belvoir can help you to find the perfect property. Visit our website today or contact us by calling 0121 321 3388.

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