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Tenant History Website Dubbed 'Valuable Tool' By Belvoir Sheffield

As a new service to help landlords identify troublesome tenants in launched in South London, Rick...

As a new service to help landlords identify troublesome tenants in launched in South London, Rick Flay, leading letting agent in Sheffield is praising the move by the budding entrepreneur who has sought to make thelives on landlords much easier.

The website launched by Steve Hanbury, aims to help both landlords and letting agents avoid problems of being landed with problem tenants who have a history of bad behaviour- a common problem for landlords who opt for DIY property management.

Rick Flay, Director at Belvoir Sheffield, which offers a wide range of property to rent in Sheffield, said: “The new website is a great new tool for landlords and it is great to see that something has been created to safeguard the residential landlord.  In recent years many moves have been made by the Government to protect the tenant leaving those in the rental market open to non-paying tenants and lengthy courtbattles with nuisance tenants.”

Those who join the scheme will be able to register their tenants, helping to build a detailed portfolio that can be then examined by others, providing yet another safeguard to landlords.

Tenants will also be rated and given a number between 1-5 under the new scheme in a bid to identify those who have in the past refused to pay their rent or damaged properties that they were renting.

Speaking earlier this week, Hanbury said that tenants may also benefit from the site, he said: “There are websites whichset out to identify bad tenants – we are not one of those. We believe that tenants with a good rating under our scheme will be able to impress future landlords, which will make it easier for them to find a new tenancy when they need it.”

Rick whose letting agency specialises in providing flats to let in Sheffield,  added: “Becoming a landlord is quite a daunting taskand that’s why we urge people to seek out initial free and impartial, independent advice from an expert letting specialist such as ourselves, before attempting to go it alone.

“If you fail to complete expert creditchecks and obtain references for your tenants, you leave yourself wide open todisputes in the future.  I would always advise use a professional agent toavoid such mishaps.”

Belvoir Lettings Agency Sheffield is the One Stop Specialists for Lettings including Property Management, Tenant Find, Investment and Wealth Management Advice, Fit-outs and Renovations, Furniture Packs and Investment Property Insurances and Mortgages.

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