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Staff in the Spotlight! Meet Emma Ward

Staff in the Spotlight! Meet Emma Ward - Senior Sales Lister / Negotiator at Belvoir Grantham.

Job Title: Senior Lister/Negotiator

How long have you worked for Belvoir Grantham? 4 months

What is your favourite thing about your job? The people I meet

What does your job entail? Valuing and taking on houses, performing viewings and selling properties, then sales chasing them through to completion.

Describe your average day in 150 words or less. Initially replying to emails and property enquiries when I first get into the office, after a coffee obviously!, then I try and do sales chasing which can be challenging, going from one solicitor to the other –being the link between the two. Viewings and valuations take up the rest of the day and often go into after hours as well. I try and speak at least once a week to all of my vendors – just to touch base – whether the property is sold or not. 

What’s your best property tip to your customers? Buy from your heart – you will know when you find the right house, it will sing to you!

A bit about you….

What is your favourite film? Grease

Whats your favourite food? Asian food

Whats your favourite animal and why? Horses – I love the smell of them – memories of childhood!

Describe your personality in 3 words; bubbly, spontaneous and loyal

Do you have any interesting talents? I like to think I can always make people smile

What do you like to do in your spare time? Walks and snuggles with my dog and cats – and yes one of my cats does come on walks with me and the dog! I get some funny looks!

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