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Spring Cleaning Survival with Belvoir Mansfield

It's spring! Which means it is time for the annual spring clean. Here's a list of things you've perhaps not thought to clean in a while, and handy tips that'll have your house gleaming in no time.

Today is the first day of Spring! Which means it’s almost time for the annual spring clean. Here’s a list of things you’ve perhaps not thought to clean in a while, and handy tips that’ll have your house gleaming in no time.


Cabinets, especially those in the kitchen can build up with dirt and gunk from cooking, especially those messy chefs that splash casserole juice down the sides that then lay in the grooves to crust! It’s all a little grim. The good news is that this is easily overcome with an old toothbrush, some washing up liquid and a warm water mixture, you just need to get scrubbing.

Whilst you’re at it, it’s definitely worth having a clean of the inside too. Things like rice, sugar and seasonings have a tendency to fly everywhere in the cupboards. Take all your items out of the cupboard, throwing away any that have sneakily passed their use by date. Give the shelves a wipe and then put everything back.


The dreaded oven clean. There never feels like a convenient time to clean an oven, as the process can take quite a long time and quite frankly, we need to use it! Many people opt to get the professionals in, but if you want to take on the challenge yourself then carry on reading. Below is a completely safe way of cleaning your oven using non harsh chemicals.

Behold, the trusty baking soda mixture that can cut through even the toughest of dirt. All you have to do is make a paste with the baking soda and some water, spreading it over the affected areas. Leave overnight, and then remove with a damp cloth. Spray a little vinegar on any areas that you can still see baking soda residue and then you’re done.


Windows get neglected throughout the year, especially during winter when it is definitely too cold to be stood outside cleaning the dirt and smears from them. Having gleaming windows can make such a difference and make your house look much more put together- the cherry on top of the cake if you will. You can’t beat using a standard window cleaner spray and newspaper to wipe away grease and dirt. Trust us, it works.

Dusting the forgotten about places

If we’re going all in for spring, then we’re really going all in. There’s loads of places we forget to dust and often go unnoticed. So get your microfiber cloths out (not feather dusters though, these just spread the dust around!) and get started on dusting in between the blinds, over the light fixtures, lampshades, electronics, bookshelves and ceiling vents.  


It’s quite horrifying to think of all the crumbs, gunk and dirt that accumulate in and on our beloved sofa throughout the year. We eat on it, lounge on and sometimes sleep on it, so you can imagine that sofas end up being one of the grottiest things in our homes!

First things first, get your vacuum cleaner onto the sofa and suck up all the crumbs, then, make a start of cleaning the cushions, and body of the sofa using a solution that is suitable on either the leather or upholstery. Put everything back into place and enjoy putting your feet up after all that hard work!

We hope these tips help. Now go and enjoy that sparkling home!

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