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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms required by law!

From 1st October 2015 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms will be required by law in all rental prop...

From 1st October 2015 smoke and carbon monoxide alarms will be required by law in all rental properties in England and Wales.

Here at Belvoir Lettings we already ensure that all of our properties have smoke alarms as we feel this is good practise. Landlord’s now need to be aware that this is not just good practise but required by law from the 1st October.

We feel measures should be taken for rental properties to be safe, not just for peace of mind for tenants, but landlords also. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in rental properties we feel are essential. Here at Belvoir Lettings our management team inspect all of our managed properties after the first twelve weeks from when I tenant moves in and then every six months throughout the duration of their tenancy to ensure the property is being maintained well and all fixtures and fittings are in working order.

With the new Selective Licensing Scheme being put in place it is important that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order and maintained well, as under the terms of the license it is the landlord’s responsibility.

If you are a landlord looking for a lettings agency to manage your properties, or would like further details & advice on the new selective licensing scheme, and new legislation regarding smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, contact Hannah at Belvoir Lettings West Derby

Office- 0151 256 0880
Email- westderby@belvoirlettings.com
Web- https://www.belvoir.co.uk/offices/liverpool-west-derby

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