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Smoke alarms & toilet blocks

Smoke Alarms - New Year New BatteriesHave you checked your smoke al...











Smoke Alarms - New Year New Batteries
Have you checked your smoke alarm is working? We do checks on all our check-in's, Check-outs and routine visits but all the other times you need to ensure they are working correctly for safety reasons. As it's a new year why not start off safe and make sure you have brand new batteries in your smoke alarms.


Toilet Blocks - WARNING
Can you please ensure no toilet blocks or any kind of chemicals are being placed in toilet cisterns. These cause damage to the rubber seals in the cistern causing leaks in the toilet. If it is found they are being used and they cause a leak or blockage then you as tenants will be liable for the contractor charge. So be safe and keep away from that cistern!


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