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Smart Storage Solutions for Renters

When you're renting a property you can't always be picky about storage options, but whether you'r...

When you’re renting a property you can’t always be picky about storage options, but whether you’re finding that your kitchen is too small for your pots and pans or that you can’t install the shelving you’d have loved, watching the house fill with clutter can stop it from feeling like home.

However, there are actually tons of great storage options which don’t require making any permanent modifications to the house and are therefore great for renters and students. Here are a few ideas to get you started – although ultimately, your imagination is the limit!

Display Pots and Pans in Plain Sight

What do you do when your kitchen cupboards and cabinets are full to bursting point but you need a new casserole dish or some more plates? One fantastic option which often doesn’t occur to people is to bring some of their more decorative items out of storage all together.

Hanging your pans on hooks above the cooker doesn’t just save a lot of space; it also adds instant rustic charm to the room – so it’s certainly a perfect option for anybody who is also short on decorating options. Many landlords will be perfectly happy for you to put a few hooks in the wall; just remember that you may need to check first!

Rework Freestanding Furniture

You might think that your options for freestanding furniture are quite limited: shelves, wardrobes, cupboards and dressers… what else is there? Luckily, there are a lot of options for changing the organisation and storage which these types of furniture offer. For instance, you can get inserts which sit inside shelving units to turn deep shelves into twice as many shallow ones.

Similarly, you can get hanging storage which fits inside your wardrobe and allows you to take advantage of all that vertical space which is otherwise being wasted.

Double Up Furniture as Storage

Chairs, coffee tables and beds – there aren’t many homes which don’t have these essential items of furniture. What a lot of people forget is that each of them can also double up as extra storage. Lots of companies create chairs which have a hollow box base, offering space for a few books, DVDs or even clothes, while a good coffee table should also offer some shelving.

Most important is the bed; make sure you either have drawers underneath or a bed which is raised from the floor, giving ample space for storage boxes.

It’s amazing how much cosier, and bigger, a home feels when you get everything tidied away properly, so be creative and work with the options that are available to you. If you’re yet to find the perfect location then why not take a look at our flats to rent in Sutton Coldfield? With such a wide range of options, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pick – just contact us online or at 0121 321 3388.

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