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Should you buy a House or a Flat in Sheffield?

Should you buy a house or a flat in Sheffield? Well we need to answer this question from two angles......

Welcome to my blog, Rumbles Blog. The blog of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you will ever meet! 

Should you buy a house or a flat in Sheffield? Well we need to answer this question from two angles, the angle of the investor, and the angle of a private buyer, i.e.

If you are a buyer and are buying for you to live in the property then whether you should buy a house or a flat in Sheffield comes down to your lifestyle and the location you wish to live in Sheffield.

If you wish to live in Sheffield City Centre then a flat in one of Sheffields inner city developments may be just the lifestyle that you are after. Easy to maintain, and affording easy access to the many cafes and bars of the city, as well as shopping and nightlife. Sheffield city centre has distinct areas of the city that each have their own atmosphere and 'vibe' and each has an abundance of flat developments to choose from. I've been trotting about the different areas of Sheffield recently so take a look at my other blogs on living in Sheffield City Centre, the Devonshire Quarter of the city, Kelham Island, and Hillsborough to find out more about what it is like to live in these areas.

Obviously, living in a flat means you won't have a garden of your own, so if you have the likes of me it might not be the best option. Although many of Sheffield's inner city developments have great open communal areas and Sheffield is a green city with great open areas such as the Devonshire Quarter.

As you step further out of the city centre flat developments become less and more houses become available. Again, you have a wide variety of houses in the many different areas and suburbs of Sheffield, from some traditional properties with character such as this 2 bedroom house at Chapel West on Scotland Street, which tend to be popular with young professionals and couples, still be within easy access to Sheffield City Centre.  

Step further out to the suburbs there are many family properties, such as this small family home in Dronfield and you will even find many properties that can provide you with a refurbishment or renovation project such as this 2 bedroom semi detached property on Gleadless Road, Sheffield.

If you are an investor like me, Sheffield has a great deal to offer you, least of all lots of demand for quality rented accommodation. Many Sheffield city centre flats are very popular with lots of eager tenants looking to rent in the city centre, likewise a growing demand for quality houses in and around Sheffield such as this house available to rent on Ecclesall Road equally means that demand is high and the returns available ensure that when working with a reputable Sheffield Lettings Agency to help and advise you correctly, your investment property and portfolio can thrive in Sheffield. 

Sheffield is a constantly developing city and as such there are often new build opportunities for investors such as the Taray Towers development on Cuthbert Bank Road. Well, the first thing to do if you are thinking of investing in property in Sheffield is to speak to Belvoir! Sheffield to ensure that you make the right moves from the outset.

So hopefully thats helped you to get a clear grasp whether you should be looking to buy a flat or a house in Sheffield. Don't forget to make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter as I've got lots more help and advise coming out of my paws over the coming weeks, next week I'll be looking at how to add value to your property!

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