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Sheffield's housing market today

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be looking at the past, present and future of Sheff...

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be looking at the past, present and future of Sheffield's property market. This will give a great insight into how the market has evolved within Sheffield, making it one of the most profitable areas to let in the UK.

Although many nationwide felt the ramifications of the recessions, house prices continue to rise within the south west of Sheffield by five to eight percent. This includes areas such as Ecclesall, Fulwood and Dore. In fact, Sheffield now requires available properties, regardless of whether they’re for first-time buyers, or tenants. In this regard, it’s not surprising so people are keen to get their hands on the best property available, situated within the best area.

The high demand for housing in Sheffield throughout 2015 can be attributed to the great number of schools, nearby shops and medical centres. Although many may take such amenities for granted, there are areas that aren’t as convenient as Sheffield, and as a result, their lifestyle has to change as a result. Sheffield is not only full of business opportunities, but also a number of a public transport solutions. This means that commuting is now easier, meaning that those working outside of Sheffield don’t necessarily have to live in the area where they work. 

There’s also the fact that The Independent actually named Sheffield as one of the most 12 liveable cities in Britain. Although this was around 2013 when the housing market was showing much sign of movement, the following years would actually clarify The Independent’s initial statement.

Sheffield also offers a different lifestyle when compared to the hectic streets of London. Although comparisons can easily be made between the two cities, the price of a property actually differentiates quite a lot. This can also be attributed to the heightened demand for properties within the Sheffield area. 

There have been a number of developments within the Sheffield area that has brought Sheffield to the forefront of the housing market. The demands for such an open and convenient lifestyle within the many wonderful areas of Sheffield means house prices have spiked as a result. Follow this link to find fantastic properties for sale in Sheffield alternatively follow this link to find Sheffield rental properties.

There was a somewhat quiet period experienced within the housing market as a whole following the Brexit vote, but this is only to be expected when the outcome of such an event is uncertain. However, to date, the housing market within Sheffield looks to be unaffected by the vote.


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