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SAFEagent Awareness Week

Safeagent Awareness week is just around the corner, starting on the 6th of June and lasting until...

Safeagent Awareness week is just around the corner, starting on the 6th of June and lasting until 10th of June. SAFEagent is a mark-denoting firm that protect landlords and tenants money through client money protection schemes (CMP). We at Belvoir Sheffield are proud to carry the Safeagent logo as part of our franchise, which shows that we follow SAFEagents protocol and protect our Client’s monies by the use of a Money Protection Scheme. If a letting agency does not have a ‘SAFE’ mark on their website then a clients money and deposit may be in danger of being misused. At Belvoir Sheffield we believe that not only our clients, but all consumers in the property market deserve financial protection to give peace of mind while going through the buying or letting process. 

The Housing Minister will be reviewing in the next few months whether inclusion under a CMP scheme should be made a legal requirement for all letting agencies. We believe, at Belvoir Sheffield, that CMP is crucial to keeping a clients money safe and therefore give this movement our entire support.

SAFEagent is a campaign that is devised by letting agents for the benefit of landlords and tenants and is recognised by Government, consumer and industry organisations. 


Visit the SAFEagent website at: http://safeagents.co.uk

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