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Rumble Sniffs Out Sheffield City Centre Rental Demand

Welcome to my blog, Rumbles Blog. The blog of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you ...

Welcome to my blog, Rumbles Blog. The blog of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you will ever meet!

Being a British Bulldog I obviously have a sense of smell better than most, and one thing that i’ve got a good sniff about at the moment is the exceptional demand for rental property in Sheffield City Centre - Its one of the strongest smells I’ve sniffed this year so far!

The reason for this is that Sheffield has grown in to a city that people want to live in, providing a city centre lifestyle that lots of people want to live everyday.

Sheffield is a big student city with both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University drawing lots of students to the city, with both universities being close to the city centre itself most of students want to be city centre based, where their nightlife is fully catered for too.

Second to this are ‘young professionals’ who have been drawn to living in Sheffield city centre by the abundance of great bars and restaurants, providing a varied nightlife.

Sheffield has a number of ‘quarters’ and the different areas of the City Centre have very strong characters and ‘feels’, appealing to different residents.  

Across the city centre there are many flat and apartment developments which have consistently strong demand. From the ever popular St Pauls Development close to the winter gardens and Millennium Museum where City Lofts are extremely popular with tenants as is developments such as Fitzwilliam House on Milton Street which is located nearer to the popular Devonshire Quarter.

Although the tendency with Sheffield inner city living is towards apartments and flats, there are a number of houses close to the city centre that are also in high demand for rent, such as this example on Oakland Road at Hillsborough which even includes a small garden for me to do my business and have a stretch.  

For a property investor (such as me!) this demand for city centre living in Sheffield makes for an attractive investment opportunity. Couple this with an abundance of suitable investment property at values that are attractive to both new landlords as well as investors building an existing portfolio and Sheffield City Centre offers a great investment opportunity.

However, this still means that you can make mistakes, so make sure that you speak to Belvoir! Sheffield before you buy as they can help you to make sure you purchase the right investment property for your specific requirements and investment objectives. 

Now thats all very serious and well written for a dog isn’t it. Told you, I know my stuff.

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