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Road Names in Ipswich

Have you ever wondered how your roads get their names? Some are fairly obvious like 'Station St...

Have you ever wondered how your roads get their names?

Some are fairly obvious like ‘Station Street’ or ‘Market Street’. Others may give a reference to a former landmark on the site such as ‘Old Foundry Lane’. Ipswich is one of the only towns I know to have a ‘High Street’ that is absolutely not the High Street! 

South-West Ipswich, Chantry, has the ‘Birds’ roads with Curlew Road, Kingfisher Avenue, Wren Avenue and Goldcrest Road to name but a few. Built in the 1950’s and 60’s the area now has over 5000 homes to over 30,000 people.

This is a fantastic link to origins of some Ipswich Road Names : http://www.ipswich-lettering.co.uk/streetnames.html

It is thought that Shakespeare may have visited Ipswich on more than one occasion, as part of a travelling troupe of actors, during his early years. And of course Ipswich is mentioned in his play ‘King Henry the eighth’. In the West of Ipswich, Whitton, has many author road names, including Shakespeare Road.

Kesgrave is the largest development in the Ipswich area in the recent years and the origin of road names is fairly straightforward. The majority of roads on the Grange Farm Development are named after local people. The development between St. Isidores roundabout and Century Drive is named after residents who have had a long-standing association with Scouts and Guides. With the two main roads being Century Drive and Millennium Way: These two roads are really self-explanatory as they were to represent the big jump from the 1900 hundreds to 2000.

Many roads (particularly in the UK and Australia) are given the name of the place to which they lead. However, there are also many examples of streets named after a city that is many miles away and has no obvious link to the street. This was evident in Ipswich with roads such as; Norwich Road, London Road and Felixstowe Road.

Then of course we have the downright rude and inappropriate names. You only have to type ‘rude road names’ into your search engine to realise that some town planners either have a weird sense of humour or no sense at all.

A little further afield than Ipswich holds the road name my children like the most; Cake Street (Laxfield).

Does the name add value? Not really, from an investment point of view it will always be the location and condition, however, some homeowners might attach some kudos to a nice sounding house or road name. Road names ending with ‘Square’ or ‘Crescent’ nationally trend to be slightly more valuable – however Ipswich bucks that trend with several roads!

Within Ipswich there are some fantastic road names, some of my personal favourite include;

  • Gainsborough Road, due to the history of the artist. I love driving down this road.
  • Butts Road, just because my middle son giggles the whole time we drive down it…every time.
  • Chevallier Street, due to my complete mispronunciation for the first 6 years of my estate agency career. Shevaliur Street was my mind-set rather than Sheveleer Street!

If you like any road names for weird reasons – let me know and I will add to the list!



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