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Landlords, we can save you time and money

As if you needed a list! Our team know how valuable we can be for our landlords - and our tenan...

As if you needed a list!

Our team know how valuable we can be for our landlords - and our tenants. Jane & Annabelle in maintenance realise every day what their role can mean - from noticing an unnecessary callout to getting a contractor to an issue fast. Angie & Bev in accounts can see on an hour by hour basis on how our accounting systems, our invoicing systems and our processes help landlords to maintain an orderly business. 

But how do you know what we can do? Well... read on!

* BELVOIR! checks that our properties are of a good standard for tenants, advising landlords of any works which may need undertaking prior to renting.

* BELVOIR! will refuse to market a rental property that is not up to standard for tenants.

* BELVOIR! keeps tenants safe and landlords protected by ensuring that relevant gas and electrical checks are carried out and certificates issued.

* BELVOIR! draws up legally binding tenancy agreements to protect both landlords and tenants.

* BELVOIR! compiles a written Inventory with detailed photographs to help set a bar with any later arising tenant disputes.

* BELVOIR! safeguards tenant's deposits by ensuring they are protected in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme.

* BELVOIR! has a dedicated 24 hour emergency advice line for tenants peace of mind and landlords sleep is protected!

* BELVOIR! carries out regular property inspections to ensure the property is kept to standard. Providing essential advice for landlords as to what is and what is not their responsibility.

* BELVOIR! understand the concept of wear and tear and act as an intermediary at the end of the tenancy.

* BELVOIR! has a database of contractors, which we have built up over several years. They work on our maintenance issues promtly and efficiently. Our office is proud that we do not take 'kick backs' from our contractors. We know they prioritise our work and this is reward in itself.

* BELVOIR! ensures landlords remain legally compliant by keeping up to date with changes in legislation.

* BELVOIR! protects its clients by being part of The Property Ombudsman scheme.

Our team are so proud of the work we do. Please do put us to the test! Call us on 01473 212323 and we can explain the lettings process and how BELVOIR! are the RIGHT team to rely on.


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