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Quirky ways to make a property profit

For some, property investments are about the money that can be made to secure a long term profit....

For some, property investments are about the money that can be made to secure a long term profit. There’s some unusual ways to maximise the income from your property and it’s always best to play to the property’s strengths – we’ve taken a look and outlined 4 bizarre ways you could make money from.

Raise a mast

Believe it or not, many telephone operators are looking for new places to put up masts. In some cases up to £7,000 can be offered to pop up a mast in your back garden. So if you’re fine with the constant buzzing sound and mowing around the monstrosity when you cut the grass, you’ll get paid AND get pretty good phone signal…it’s a win-win.

Rent a space

If you live in an area where parking comes at a premium then allowing people to use your driveway or parking bay for a small monthly fee will give you a bit of income. With so many areas now using permit parking, this is something many people would be thankful for.

Your name in lights

Ever fancied being a movie star but not much of an actor? Now your home can be the star of a movie or TV show by listing it on a website such as ShootFactory. If your rental property is currently empty or if you are living there yourself, allowing a film crew in to the house will pay pretty well with rates usually starting at £500 a day!

Fill the gaps

If you’ve got some time in between tenants living in your property, you could fill it with short-term holiday lets. Listing on websites such as AirBnb in between having your property filled with tenants will give you a bit of pocket money and ensure the property is full.  Plus, the additional income may even help you to maintain the property even better for the next tenants.

Of course, if these four rather odd ways don’t work out, you could always play it safe and put your property on the rental market!

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