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Questions for Tenants to Consider

Here at Belvoir, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best possible service to our tenan...

Here at Belvoir, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best possible service to our tenants.  As a leading letting agent in Sutton Coldfield, we believe our high standing in the lettings sector comes from our ability to not only deliver you the perfect home, but also to provide you with honest and concise answers to any probing questions that you may have.

But what questions do you ask to make sure you are moving into the house you are expecting?

How much is the deposit / council tax?
A fairly obvious question and one you may already know if you are viewing the property, but it’s a good idea to find out from the letting agent how much you are to put forward in the form of a deposit and also what may affect it.  If you decide the property is for you and you opt to rent, ask for an inventory list and double check all items listed to prevent being charged for a previous tenant’s mistake.

What is nearby?

For many potential tenants, this could well be the most vital bit of information they acquire in aiding with the decision of moving in.  For example, is the neighbourhood close enough to the amenities you require; is there a school close by?  Are the shops within walking distance?  If the property does not include a washing machine, is there a nearby laundrette?

What is included with the property?

It has been known for people to make the mistake of assuming certain furniture is included with the property they are renting, only to discover on moving in day that it isn’t there.  Every effort is made to inform prospective tenants of what to anticipate, but always make sure you get confirmation as to whether the property is unfurnished or furnished, and if so, which furniture is to be included in the rental.

How often has the house changed hands?

On the surface, sometimes a house can appear to your taste but, like with any property, there may be hidden characteristics that are making previous tenants move.  Of course, at Belvoir we are proud to say that such a property would not pass our high quality controls, but it is important to establish such information, if only for your own piece of mind.

At Belvoir, we take every care to guarantee the properties we let meet our criteria and will work as your letting agent to meet your own personal criteria.  Always make sure you have a list of priorities and preferences for your property to make sure that you are getting the best property for you.

For expert advice on letting accommodation in Sutton Coldfield, please contact one of our trusted agents on 0121 321 3388 or visit our contact page.

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