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PRS Licensing - Council cabinet approve scheme April 2014

LB Enfield moves one step closer to the introduction of Private Rental Sector Licensing.


Last night (9/4/14) I attended the Enfield Council Cabinet Meeting, where agenda item 7 related to the introduction of Selective and Additional Licensing across the borough of Enfield.

Unfortunately, despite strong presentations from local Landlord Graham Collier, and the National Landlords Association representative for North London, a unanimous decision was made to approve the proposal presented by the Council's Head of Housing and Councillor Oykener.

The full proposal and supporting documentation can be accessed on the Council website. http://governance.enfield.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=107&MId=8234

So is that it? Well possibly not, there are two glimmers of hope:

1 - A local Landlord Group has organised a petition to stop the Council and has collected more than the 1,500 signatures required to force the issue to be addressed at an Overview & Scrutiny Committee Meeting. Once the signatures have been validated the meeting will be confirmed.

2 - A deputation headed by Graham Collier and the NLA have volunteered to work with the Council to help ensure that an efficient, effective and workable solution is implemented. Initial signs are that the Council will accept this offer.

Watch this space for further updates on the introduction of Licensing to the private rental sector.

If you have any questions about licensing and how it will affect you, please contact the office.


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