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One Bed Flat - Buy To Let In Dundee. Gross Yield - 6.8%

One Bed Flat - Buy To Let In Dundee. Gross Yield - 6.8%

This property is being marketed by our colleagues at Remax at offers over £58,000 https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/43958709?search_identifier=61437ca0b5f60b72495ba2f153c33009#oG6YFR6iAcmqOIcA.97

It looks to have been lovingly renovated to a high standard from the photographs. If I had to be picky then I would prefer it not on the ground floor and as usual I can’t comment on the condition of the block.

The area is fine but I would really want to have a look round the block and its immediate neighbours, but that’s standard practice anyway.

I would estimate a conservative rental of £370, but given how nice the property appears it could be higher. This gives a rental yield of just over 6.8%. Capital appreciation isn’t bad at 13.9% over the last five years, but I think the rental yield is the important bit. EPC is a very respectable C.

Now one point I would make is that this property has been on the market since late May this year. That doesn’t mean there is anything fundamentally wrong with it, there could be a variety of reasons why it hasn’t gone, indeed it may have done but then the sale fell through.

What all of that means is do your research, have a good scout round and ask questions of the vendor, then maybe its time for a cheeky offer or even a very cheeky offer.

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