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One Bed Buy To Let - Gardner St, Dundee. Gross Yield - 7%

One Bed Buy To Let - Gardner St, Dundee. Gross Yield - 7%

Now this is a bit of an odd one, it’s a one bed ground floor flat being marketed by Your Move, http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/41930434?search_identifier=0b84fd371102053486af072d6e7dad28#bimUgybBt213JGML.97.

As you can see it looks to be in good condition and in general a nice property with GCH and DG. However I have two concerns, the minor one is that its ground floor, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

My main concern is the external photo, as you can see the guttering has a small rainforest growing out of it and you can see that the water runs down the exterior wall whenever it rains.

Now this doesn’t mean I would immediately write the property off, but I would certainly want to know if there are any plans in place to do something about the guttering etc. Alternatively if you could get it for the right price you could factor in getting the guttering repaired yourself.

Whilst this kind of thing is not going to be everyone’s preferred property its certainly worth further investigation. I would estimate the monthly rent at around £385, possibly better, that’s a gross yield of 7%.

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