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Number of Bedrooms : does it matter ?

Last week, I spoke to one of our landlords and she asked me if the number of bedrooms in a proper...

Last week, I spoke to one of our landlords and she asked me if the number of bedrooms in a property had any relationship to the return she could get. I did some research and followed up her query – I was actually quite surprised with the results...

Currently in Biggleswade, the average rent for a one bed property is around £554 per month with an average value of £113,283. This means an approximate return/yield of 5.9% per year. The average rent for a two bed property is £740 per month with the average value being £171,999, which gives a return/yield of 5.1% per year. When I looked at the three bed properties, the yield/return changed quite drastically. The average rent being asked for is £880 per month but the average value is £242,932, which would give a potential return/yield of only 4.3% per year. Four bed properties achieve a poor return/yield of only 4.2% per year, as average rents are £1225 per month but the average value is £345,603

Whilst one bed properties do offer a good return they are harder to let and have more void/empty periods. The number of bedrooms is important, but it is only one of many factors you should consider before buying a property.

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