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Belvoir Nottingham Central: How To Get Your House Ready To Rent

If you're a Nottingham homeowner, you may choose to rent out houses for a number of reasons. It may be for investment purposes, where you buy to let, or it may be that you are covering mortgage payments on another home.

If you’re a Nottingham homeowner, you may choose to rent out houses for a number of reasons. It may be for investment purposes, where you buy to let, or it may be that you are covering mortgage payments on another home.

So you’ve done all the paperwork and the boring legal stuff! It’s time to get your house looking up to scratch, so where do you start? Allow us, the Nottingham lettings specialists, to show you the ropes!

Change the locks

nottingham lettings

You are soon to advertise the availability of your property to the World Wide Web and you never know who may still hold a set of keys for the property, a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, one of the neighbours that has since moved away or even a previous owner. It’s a good practice to include a lock change for garage door whilst in the process. Be sure to change alarm codes too! This ensures maximum security and stops unwanted visitors entering the property whilst your tenants are living there. Tip: NEVER write the properties address on a key tag, use a familiar reference instead just in case you misplace the keys!

Back to basics

When tenants move into the house, they won’t be expecting to do any essential maintenance, the house should be ready for them to move straight in to. You want the house to appeal to as many people as possible, be tasteful and also allow potential tenants to envisage living there with all of their belongings. Opting for a neutral colour scheme that will help with this process and will attractive a larger numbers of potential tenants. Tip: Instead of your prospective tenants focusing on the colour of a wall you will want them to appreciate the size of the room that your property has to offer.


nottingham lettings

It’s the finishing touches like lighting that make all the difference. Be sure to replace broken lightbulbs, preferably with LED lightbulbs which do not need to be replaced as often, or even energy efficient light bulbs which are much lower on energy costs. This will increase your EPC rating!

We are now entering the summer months when the gardens become a real asset. If you have outside lighting for the garden, don’t forget to replace these if they no longer work to give the right impression!

Get the professionals in!

If your tenants are paying good money for a lovely property, then it’d be a shame to lower the standards by handing over a property that needs to be cleaned. This should be a real deep clean and if you haven’t got the time or patience for a good weekends worth of solid cleaning, with toothbrushes and a multitude of cleaning products, then get the professionals in. You want to make sure the house is completely spotless. It’s the cherry on the cake whilst also setting the standard in which it should be returned.

Get Belvoir! To Help

belvoir lettings nottingham

So now your house all ready to let, you just need to get the tenants in, and that’s where we come in to help. Not only do we get your house occupied, but we keep on top of everything else, too. Don’t want to deal with calls from your tenants at ridiculous o clock because a pipe has burst? We’ve got it sorted!

We help market your house and get tenants in within 2 weeks, whilst making sure they’re paying the price that your house deserves.

Use Belvoir's Rent Guarantee Scheme

With our fantastic rent guarantee scheme, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always receive the rent you deserve, regardless of your tenant's ability to pay. Best of all, there is no excess to pay and you'll get your rent within 15 days of your non payment. 

Let us Let it for you!



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