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Newbury Prices Down in September?

Newbury House Prices Down 6.1%??

On 14 November the Office for National Statistics released their house price index for Spetember 2018.

The key figures relating to house price changes in the UK are as follows;
  • UK average price up 3.5% to £233,000.
  • England average price up 3% to £249,000.
  • South-east up 1.7% to £328,000.
  • West Berks up 3% to £365,774.
A total of 56 properties have been reported as sold in RG14 during September 2018, for an average of £360,533.  This is a decrease of 6.1% from September 2017.

However, this doesn't tell the full story - there were 59 properties sold in September 2017 for an average of £384,086 - well above the annual average for 2017, which was £346,132.

If we look at the figures for Q3 2018, there were 162 sales for an average of £369,074 - an increase of 2.3% from Q3 2017.

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