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New Year: New beginnings

Many of us will have spent time over the Christmas break looking at properties on Rightmove and the other online portals. Sometimes studying Rightmove has just become a habit that is hard to break (I can vouch for that!), sometimes we are definitely set on moving in the coming year and want to keep abreast of properties that are available but often people are just wondering whether it is worth moving and are vaguely researching what their options would be.

Estate Agents always see a surge in requests for property valuations in the first quarter of the year which helps to boost the number of properties available on the market by Spring, the most popular time to start a serious property hunt. Our owner, Natalie Boardman, handles all aspects of property sales herself from valuation to completion.The rest of the team provide support when needed so you will always find a professional available to talk to and you can be assured that there is someone in the background who will push on your behalf for any issues to be resolved in the conveyancing process if necessary. Natalie has an excellent track record for providing realistic property valuations. In many cases, clients have chosen to go with an alternative agent who has provided an inflated valuation only to find that they end up concluding proceedings at on or around the price Belvoir had originally provided (presumably feeling disappointed with the end price achieved). We often observe that these sale take much longer than necessary to complete because of the protracted round of price drops and negotiations.

Since our business went under new ownership in 2017, Belvoir Tunbridge Wells have taken 100% of all sales through from instruction to completion; a source of pride in an industry where approximately 30% of sales usually fall through somewhere in this process.

This year, the intentions of those who might potentially sell and move continue to be affected by the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Phil Spencer said recently, in an online report for MoveIQ that “The twists and turns of the last few years have fatigued many would-be buyers and a calm period for people to plan their moves with a reasonable degree of confidence is needed.”   “If the market stabilises there is a good chance that those who have been sitting on the fence for so long will jump off and we may see an uptick in stock and transaction levels.”

Sometimes we find ourselves in a circumstance where we just have to sell whether the time feels right or not and we want to be sure that the agent we choose will do their best for us whatever the housing climate. If you are feeling inclined to put your house on the market, please do allow us the privilege of providing a valuation. This will be without charge and under no obligation. Our property advice is always willingly given.

To read more about the extra services we offer to clients selling their home, click on the following links: complimentary move in service, the conveyancing quotes tool and selling by modern auction.

For a property valuation, call Natalie Boardman on 01892 615406 or request a valuation online 


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