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New System

It is with great pride and excitement that I take this opportunity to personally inform you of a wide-ranging business enhancement that Belvoir Watford, has been undergoing.

This new development involves the implementation of an industry-leading Property Accounting and Management System to transform our business operations, allowing us to achieve operational excellence and improve productivity while meeting our customers’ expectations.

The new system involves the utilization of a new computer platform that offers substantial business advantages including:

  • The ability to better service our customers through improved property management processes.
  • Full audit trail of all tenant maintenance requests and maintenance outcomes

Key features of the new platform for our Landlords includes:

  • New web interface for landlords to access all property documents including tenancy agreement, inventories, inspections reports etc.

The new system will officially take effect on the 11th of February 2019.

While our team is/has been working diligently to ensure a smooth transition with seamless experience for our Landlords, we appreciate that this is a major undertaking and that there may be some interruptions while we adapt to the change. Rest assured that we have made every effort to try and minimize any disruptions for our Landlords.

One change that you will notice is new formatting of some documents such as invoices and statements.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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