We're excited to be launching a brand new video campaign today, #MovingMemories.

We’re excited to be launching a brand new video campaign today, #MovingMemories. Following hot on the heels of our tongue-in-cheek #LittleAgents video, which received over two million hits, our newest campaign is more emotive video to capture the excitement, stress and occasional sadness that a house move can bring.

“Moving house can be a very emotional time for people, as it can evoke so many feelings,” our CEO, Dorian Gonsalves says “Whether you are buying a home, or you are a tenant moving into a rental property it is important to choose to a good agent who will work with you throughout the entire process. This can really help to alleviate some of the stresses involved and ensure things run smoothly at a time when life can seem quite fast paced and challenging.

“We believe that our #MovingMemories video shows how well Belvoir understands what people are feeling when they decide to take the plunge to move to a new home. In the video people from all walks of life tell their stories about the dreams, desperation, anxiety, tough decisions, the need for a fresh start, the longing for stability and what it really means to walk through their very own front door. These are things that everybody can relate to whether it is a move into your first home, taking on a larger house for a growing family, or downsizing because you don’t need as much space or there has been a relationship breakdown. Behind every house move there is a person with a story to tell, and this is something that Belvoir never forgets.

“For the next two weeks we are inviting people to join in with our #MovingMemories campaign and share their happy or sad memories using the #MovingMemories hashtag.”

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