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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Reform

This week sees the first step in a long series of reforms regarding the Minimum Energy Efficiency...

This week sees the first step in a long series of reforms regarding the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards - aimed at improving housing levels in the private rental sector.

From 01st April 2016, tenants living in F and G rated homes will be able to request that their landlord takes measures to improve the energy efficiency, with the landlord duty bound to respond within a month with a view to bringing the property up to the minimum E rating.

If Landlords wish to upgrade their properties, the first step is to talk to us.

We can if necessary instruct an approved EPC assessor to survey the property and establish the current rating. If the rating is less than an E, the assessor will be able to give advice on how to improve it.

This could be as simple as installing energy saving light bulbs and draught proofing or making more comprehensive improvements, such as replacing an ageing boiler, putting in secondary glazing or upgrading heating controls, and installing systems which are likely to have an impact on improving overall energy efficiency.

If the property requires comprehensive improvements, again talk to us first - if we cant avoid an upgrade we can at least ensure you get the bets value for money on any upgrades through our list contractor group as well as advise of any 'Green Deal' initiative which may apply.

If applicable Landlords take action now it will mean they have time on their side to schedule the works and budget costs accordingly, with the ability to spread the outlay over the forthcoming years.

The government has announced new dates for energy efficiency compliance in rental properties.

April 2018: by this date it will be unlawful to let out a property with an F or G Energy Performance Certificate rating, as a new let. There will be a few limited exemptions;

April 2020: by this date the requirement for a minimum E rating will apply, not just to new lets but also to existing tenancies;

2025: the target is for a minimum D rating;

2030: the minimum target will be a C rating.

Please bare in mind that it may be up to ten years since your property was last assessed and any certificates currently rated at E or F  may already prove in excess of those values with any periodic maintenance that has been effected since that date, meaning that an updated certificate could be all that is necessary to comply.

If you would like further information or would like us to instruct an up-to-date EPC to be carried out please do get in touch on 0115 985 9259

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