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5 ways to look after your garden in the hot weather

Keep your outdoor space looking exceptional over the summer.

With the soaring temperatures we’ve recently seen, it’s important to ensure your garden is kept as healthy as possible especially when selling your home.

1 Weeding

Weeding regularly will help your plants survive. Weeds attract pests, diseases and infections making your plants susceptible. Weeds also use the valuable resources in your already parched soil.


2 Water wisely

Timing is important when it comes to watering plants and lawns. Early morning and late evening are the best times of day as it allows water enough time to soak into the soil before the sun’s heat speeds up evaporation. Investing in a water butt is an eco-friendly way to water your garden. It provides more natural water and you can also draw from it should a hosepipe ban come into play. An automatic watering system to ensure plants are kept watered while on holiday may be worth the investment to keep the garden looking good.

Stand plant pots in saucers as these will hold any run off but remove them before wetter weather.


3 Use Mulch

Mulch provides a layer of insulation to cool the soil and keep the moisture in.  It is particularly important to cover any surface roots to stop them from burning and to be extra generous around vegetables which require a lot of water. Choose well-composted mulches in hot weather such as bark chips and don’t forget the potted plants.


4 Create shade​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​If the heat is really intense some plants may not cope. On days when the temperatures are due to soar simply move the pots to a shadier spot or create some shade for them. If you have a greenhouse, ensure it is well ventilated and create some shade using old net curtains etc. And don’t forget if you have a pond it will need topping up regularly and will also benefit from some shade as the water temperature rises.

​​​​​​​5 Look after your lawn

Adjust your mower blade to a higher setting. This will mean the grass stems are longer and provide shade to your soil so it’s less likely to dry out. Resist the urge to collect up the clippings for a perfect finish as fine cuttings will act as mulch and slow down evaporation. Large clippings however will smoother the grass and case damage. Keep cutting  regularly (at least every couple of weeks) as this will prevent it going to seed and allowing weeds to take hold.

Even a well-established lawn may require watering during hotter weather. A simple sprinkler is easy to set up, however if you have a large area it is worth investing in a proper irrigation system to ensure equal and efficient distribution of water, ideally with a timer. 



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