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Loyalty for Royalty?

Bookies around the country have been skipping into work recently because Royal Baby mania is here...

Bookies around the country have been skipping into work recently because Royal Baby mania is here! 

While excitement levels aren’t dialled up to 11 like last time, the papers are still covering the story from every conceivable angle. I even read at the weekend that Princess Kate will get a 10% loyalty discount for giving birth for a second time at St Mary’s Hospital. 

Loyalty for Royalty?…the story got me thinking about why we are loyal to certain businesses…and the cost.

The reality is, customer loyalty has precious little to do with loyalty schemes.

Have a think about which businesses you are loyal to and ask yourself, are you going to stay with the hotel chain where you have the loyalty programme or the one who has got a hotel right where you want to stay?...Are you going to fly with the airline that you’ve got a loyalty card with, or the one who’s flying at the best time, or directly to where you want to go? 

For Wills and Kate, I’m sure it’s the emotional pull that draws them back to St Mary’s. William was born there, and they will have built relationships with the doctors and nurses from last time around. I’m betting the reported 10% discount didn’t sway their decision at all.

For many people, remaining loyal is purely because they haven’t considered (or don’t have time to research) any other options.

I’ve been guilty of this myself so I understand completely. But I also know from experience when I did take just a few minutes to consider the options it often produced an increase in cash-flow and profit.

So here’s a question for you…

Do you have 1 minute and 13 seconds to consider if we could be a property management option for you?

If yes then just click here and I’ll reveal all.

As a letting agent, our job is to understand why landlords choose us and what keeps them coming back time and time again, and to focus on that. 

See if it makes sense to you too! Watch the 1m 13sec video now. 


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