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Recently I wrote on my Bracknell Property Blog about a Landlord who discovered a 50 stone pig liv...

Recently I wrote on my Bracknell Property Blog about a Landlord who discovered a 50 stone pig living in his rental property, causing £7500 of damage, to highlight the importance of carrying out regular visits to your investments.

I once visited one of my own properties in the North of England to find the dining room sealed off with black bin liners and told by the tenants that I shouldn’t go in because they were decorating. The fact that there was a very heavy aroma of a certain recreational herb permeating throughout the house meant I ignored their warning and found a room full of cannabis plants. This led to the eviction of the tenants and the sacking of the managing agent I was using. The fact that the tenant thought it ok to keep the goods there when I was visiting led me to believe that he was sampling a bit too much of his own product and the agent clearly wasn’t doing any property checks.

Regular property visits are essential to ensure that the property is being looked after properly and no unauthorised guests have moved in. It also allows the opportunity to see if there are any unreported maintenance issues that may become a bigger, more costly problem in the future.

At Belvoir Bracknell we carry out a property check after one month of a new tenancy and then quarterly after that. It gives the Landlord peace of mind and the tenant a chance to report any concerns about the property. A friendly chat can save a lot of hassle and money and nip any problems in the bud.

Belvoir Bracknell don’t sell property, we are lettings specialists, but we do guide people based on our experience as to what might make a good buy to let property investment in the Bracknell, Wokingham, Crowthorne and Binfield area. We don’t charge for this service but we would like to manage your property or help you find great tenants.

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