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It's a Good Dogs life living in Sheffield City Centre

Welcome to my blog, Rumbles Blog. The blog of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you ...

Welcome to my blog, Rumbles Blog. The blog of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you will ever meet! Particularly when it comes to property and everything to do with your home and living in Sheffield. 

This week I’ve trotted around Sheffield City Centre to give you a little overview on what it is like to live in the middle of this great big city.  In fact that's the first thing I found, it's easy to get in and out of Sheffield City Centre, with lots of transport links coming in from each of the areas around the city, although I walked in so I could take advantage of the many parks and open spaces that we have in abundance in Sheffield.

It wasn’t that long ago - although long before my time - that Sheffield City Centre looked a lot different to what it does now. Over the last 10-15 years the City Centre has changed dramatically, seeing the introduction and the popularity of ‘city living’ to Sheffield.

The trend for City Living started in the north of England in Liverpool and Manchester and then spread across the Pennines to Sheffield. Sheffield being an industrial city didn’t have as many redundant mill buildings to convert to apartments so that has lead to a unique combination of refurnished inner city buildings sitting alongside some stunning new build apartment buildings ...you see, for a British Bulldog, I know my stuff!

There are now some great places to live in Sheffield City Centre, from apartments such as those at Butcher works on Eyre Lane which are close to Sheffield Hallam University  and the renowned Leadmill, to the new City Lofts at St Pauls Square which are close to the Sheffield Millennium Galleries and Winter Gardens.

This area of Sheffield City Centre, as with all the areas of the city is now extremely well served with a great variety of restaurants, bars, and eateries. From renowned independent restaurant gems such as Silversmiths on Arundel Street to areas with a variety of places to eat such as those in Leopold Square

The other side of the City Centre again takes on its own individual character as you head up West Street and Division Street towards the Devonshire Quarter towards Sheffield University. This side of the city centre is where I fit in best as it has a young cultural vibe, largely due to its popularity with Students who happily rub together with lots of young professionals who are attracted by a vast choice of apartments and flats in this area.

Amongst the general vibrancy, restaurants, and bars that are typical of a city the size ofSheffield, one thing that really sets it apartment from other large cities is the abundance of green and open spaces in the city centre. In summer it is common to see people sitting out on the grass around the fountain in the Peace Gardens (illustrated), and Devonshire Green is an extremely active and lively outdoor space with the established Devonshire Market (there is normally a great dog treat stall) and the area is a large part of the annual Tramlines Festival which takes Sheffield City Centre by storm each year.

Are you looking to a buy a flat or apartment in Sheffield city centre, or thinking of renting a flat or apartment in Sheffield? If so get in touch with Belvoir! Sheffield. Oh and if you would like more of my help and advise, make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter as I've got plenty more where this came from!

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