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Is Maidenhead doing a Dr Who and regenerating!

I watched Dr Who over the weekend which got me thinking about regeneration and more specifical...


I watched Dr Who over the weekend which got me thinking about regeneration and more specifically what is happening in Maidenhead. Of course we all know about Crossrail, but what else is happening in Maidenhead?

There are two large projects in the pipeline. The first which is in its consultation is the Kings Triangle. The London & Aberdeen group have opened public consultation on a project/vision which they call ‘The Landing’. In a nutshell, they are looking at demolishing all the buildings in the kings triangle and building office blocks, residential apartments and shops. I went to see the plans and in my humble opinion I have to say if they can pull it off it will be a massive boost to the town center.

The second project is the Chapel Arches project by Shanley Homes which is to go hand in hand with the Thames Waterways project. In brief the plan is to tidy up York stream which flows through Maidenhead and build apartments and retail units in and around the area. The planning permission has been approved by the council with work already underway.

If all goes according to plan there are very exciting times ahead for Maidenhead and I for one will be watching the projects above with great interest as if done well this will give a huge boost to the local area.

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